Jason Carpenter


As Shareholder, Jason Carpenter oversees the operation of Avintus' three divisions and guides the company's growth into new markets. He has more than 18 years of experience in retirement plan sales, design and administration.

Before graduating from Lipscomb University, an internship at Lincoln Financial Advisors gave Jason his first exposure to the pension industry. After college, he returned to the firm as Regional Pension Manager, where he helped financial advisors sell retirement plans to small businesses in Kentucky and Tennessee. He worked closely with Don Schlosser, a colleague who specialized in pension plans and, on the side, operated a third-party administration service called Midsouth Pension Consultants. "I learned much of what I know about design and administration by watching Don work," recalls Jason, who earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and holds the Chartered Retirement Plan Specialist (CRPS) and Qualified Pension Administrator (QPA) professional designations.

In 1998, when Don offered Jason the opportunity to become his partner in Midsouth Pension Consultants, Jason was ready for the challenge and had plenty of ideas for new directions the business could take. "Don gave me free rein to make changes, to upgrade technology, to do whatever was necessary to turn this little pension consulting company into a business that could stand alone and grow," he remembers.

After taking the reins in 2001, Jason looked for new ways to ease administrative burdens for his pension clients. "We saw them struggling with a variety of employment-related administration issues," says Jason, who was named one of Business Nashville Magazine's "30 Under 30" in 2001, "so we launched Midsouth Payroll Solutions in 2002 and Midsouth HR in 2005."

Since consolidating the three companies to create Avintus, Jason's focus has been on the future. He spends most days working with his team to come up with new ways to make clients' lives easier. But he hasn't forgotten what made it all possible. "There's no one in this world that I owe more to than Don Schlosser," he adds. "I look back on what he did for me with pure amazement. He entrusted his company to a 25 year-old guy. It blows my mind!"

Jason lives in Sparta, TN with his wife, Leslie, and their four children.